The Pillar Page: The Backbone Of The SEO Thematic Cluster

The pillar content page is the centerpiece of the Thematic Cluster and the base on which cluster content and links are built. This strategy no longer focuses on the keyword but the subject the theme hence its name Thematic Cluster.

What Is A Pillar Page?

A pillar page, also known as pillar content, is a long content (over 1000 words). This page covers a thematic given as widely as possible, addressing the most critical topics that revolve around it and giving readers a general understanding of the whole theme without going into details. 

Your pillar must be a complete resource to encourage visitors to add it as a favorite and return as needed. Ideally, the pillar page is the first content that your visitors encounter when searching on a search engine, allowing it to serve as a “front door” when they explore the topics that are detailed in each content of the cluster.

The Elements That Make Up The Pillar Page

Like the SEO Thematic Cluster, the pillar page is divided into three main components:

The Main Subject

Each pillar page you create must be based on a single Thematic Cluster theme. This is the theme you are trying to reference on Google: work on general keywords of 2 to 4 words with a high search volume

The Sections

 Think of the approach of the SEO engagement cycle to decrease your bounce rate and increase your conversion.

What Is A Right Pillar Page?

Unique Content

Your pillar page can be competitive if it does not offer new content. In addition to presenting relevant information, the central pillar pages are most useful by providing further information or giving existing data in new ways


First and foremost, your pillar page must be relevant to the visitor you are trying to seduce, for that you must respect its research intent.

Well Written

Even the best and most relevant content will not be read if it is illegibly displayed. Your pillars are designed to be shared and used as an expert resource; they must undergo a lengthy editorial process before they even see the audience; do not sabotage your credibility with syntax errors, misspellings, and bad grammar.

Free Time

A pillar page should be as useful to visitors in 5 years as it is today, even if it means that the content is entirely different. Nothing is more annoying for visitors (and search engines) than old outdated information and pages not found. Update your pillar as often as necessary to keep your content fresh.


Your pillar must cover its subject in detail that even someone who is unfamiliar with your sector can leave with a general understanding of the issue. Remember that your post must be a unique and expert resource for your readers. The most extended keywords and most essential subtopics will be explored in greater depth using the content of the clusters; all the main elements of the subject should be addressed in the pillar page.